Transfer Decal Division

Ceramic Transfer/Decal printing plant was set up in 1994 with a view to produce high quality decals required by manufacturers of Glass, Ceramics and Enamelware. Our designers and R&D personnel are able to execute even the most difficult designing assignments within the time frame required by our customers. Today Schablona name is considered synonymous with high quality decals in the country. We specialize in printing of gold and platinum. We carry regular stock of colour ranges to suit all likely needs of our clients, including certification for heavy metal norms and food safe products.This Division of Schablona can produce over one million sheets per annum in 65 cm x 85 cm size.

Designer Tiles Division

The Company's plant for on line decoration/printing and firing for value added ceramic tiles was set up in 2004 . A new plant with automated printed line and two microprocessor controlled gas fired furnaces besides automatic tiles cutting equipment along with dryers was added in 2006. With this addition of plant. Schablona is the biggest manufacturer and pioneer in this field.